February the 3rd, 2001 GnomeZip 0.1 and LibGarp 0.2 are released! They are not really useable yet, but listing and extraction are already supported. Get them from the download page.
December the 24th, 2000 Giovanni Corriga joined the project. He has written Tar support. Welcome and thank you, Giovanni!
December the 18th, 2000 No, we are not dead yet ;-) The project is progressing nicely, and GnomeZip actually works! So far, only Zip and Gzip content listing and Gzip extraction is supported, but quite stable.

Surprise! We posted screenshots :-)
September the 29th, 2000 The Aprix project website is launched.

What is Arpix?

Arpix is a project to create a high-quality, powerful, and free archiving library and a frontend for it.
The project's main target operating system is Unix and/or Unix-compatible operating systems, including, but not limited to, Linux and FreeBSD.

The Arpix project includes:

Why the name Arpix?

I don't know. Linux doesn't mean anything either :-)

Join the project

This project is in heavy development.
There's still lots of work to do.
Any developers and non-developers are encouraged to join.


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